Thursday 7 June 2012

FMP, Ancestry & the Irish

FindMyPast have released another batch of records pertaining to North-West Kent.

How about this little snippet of gossip re. Ancestry's future?

Think you might be interested in Irish gravestone inscriptions/photos? If so, then check out the 'comment' made to my posting of 31st May by Jane Lyons - see here. And there's more Irish gravestone news here.

A couple more bits of Irish news from the keyboard of Claire Santry:

A few more 'forthcoming events' have popped up:

I am sure that you will find this post by Kirsty Wilkinson interesting: Is There Too Much About the War in Family History TV? Do you agree?

The latest HistoryToday Podcast can be found here (Opium Wars).

More snippets available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

From Belturbet Churchyard, Ireland:

Here lies John Higley, whose father and mother were drowned in their passage from America. Had they both lived they would have been buried here.

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