Wednesday 13 June 2012

Curious Death / Burial Entries

Burials. 7th March 1781: Catharine, wife of John Bitten of Hythe, who on Monday 5th of this month was found lying in bed with her throat cut, and as her husband John Bitten was lying in the kitchen behind the back door in the same condition with a bloody knife clenched in his left hand, it was immediately suspected he was the murderer. According from circumstances the Coroner's Inquest found a verdict against him of wilful murder and suicide. He is buried at Headley Lane End leading to Bewley in the Cross Roads.

[Fawley PR, Hants]

Buried, R----, S---- and T---- (3 brothers), aged 24, 27 & 96 hours.

[Earls Barton PR, Northants]

1665: several deaths due to the plague, burials carried out at homes, in fields, etc, but not in the churchyard.

[Lamport PR, Northants]

Buried, P----, found dead after drinking spiritous liquors stolen from R----'s cupboard. Sad, sad, sad!!!

[Twywell PR, Northants]

Burial. An infant of Mary Ogden's, which she bare, murdered, and buryed. Aug 4, 1665.

[Calverley PR, West Yorkshire]

Burial. 5th Dec 1900 - Reginald Bruce Dear - age 6 months, an unbaptised child and therefore not brought into the church.

[Eling PR, Hants]

One day last week, as Ebenezer Harris, Esq., who was many years a partner in the firm of Richard Hunt & Co., iron merchants, Bristol, and was well known as a commercial traveller in the Western Counties and South Wales, was cutting his toe nails, he let the knife slip, and produced blood; mortification and lock-jaw ensued, and he died at his residence in Bristol, on Saturday week.

[from the Plymouth, Devonport & Stonehouse Herald of 21st November 1846]

If anyone has any other such oddities, then do let me know.

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