Friday 8 June 2012

More Ancestry Rumours + Other News

More on the story can be found here. Oh, and there's much more protracted discussion here.

The latest Parish Chest newsletter is now available (remember to scroll down for the 'New Products & Suppliers' section).

Chris Paton's British GENES blog has a few especially handy posts, thus:

A couple of items of interest have been flagged by blogger Ruth Blair:

This is still a few weeks away, but you may wish to consider booking your place on this special occasion at the HQ of the Society of Genealogists on Saturday 4th August.

Most of you will be aware of the British Newspaper Archive's ongoing digitisation project - well, this looks like a handy page to keep tabs on.

And then there's the BBC's HistoryExtra website...

And remember to keep in touch with genealogy news, etc., over the weekend at the BI-Gen Twitter feed. Many items and links to articles, etc., which don't make it onto this blog can be found here - so do have a look.

As a genealogist, there's every chance that you're a bit of a romantic. So I think you'll like this one...

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