Saturday 10 September 2011

Saturday Reading


As I'll be spending most of today (Saturday) in Newcastle city centre, attending the National Family History Fair and taking in a few landmarks as part of the Heritage Open Days weekend, I have prepared this post a little early and scheduled it in for the early hours of Saturday morning.  I have had a look round for some reading for you, and the first thing I came across was an article on the issue of backing up your data - a thought-provoking piece which doesn't really provide any definitive 'best' answer ... though that's maybe because there isn't one.

The Ordnance Survey blog has a post which may be of interest to those of you who love maps (as many family historians do) and have been thinking about getting something in this line for your mobile phone.  Read the 'Mapping Applications for Your Phone' post here.

Then there is, of course, the BBC's 'History Headlines' weekly instalment.


There's more reading for all you Welsh researchers who may not be aware of this useful-looking blog.

And read Christine Woodcock's blog post, here, for news of a handy online resource for Stray Scottish Marriages.


Just the one item: a link to the latest Pen & Sword newsletter, which contains their '4 for 3' special offer and a family history books deal.


A curious (and slightly perplexing) offering from the HistoryToday website, in the shape of 'Five Meditations on England'.  If nothing else it raises the question of English identity - both how they see themselves and how others see them.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out once again, Mick. enjoy the Family History Fair. Can't wait to read about what you find for the rest of us while you are there. Cheers!