Wednesday 14 September 2011

Irish Debate


The website of the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO) has posted a report on the recent get-together / debate on the future of Irish genealogy records, especially the issue of  access to the same.  It makes interesting reading, and raises concerns which are affecting us all across the whole of the British Isles - check it out here.

Whilst we're with Ireland, you may wish to make a note of the forthcoming 'Clare Roots Society's Genealogy & Family History Conference' on 1st October - see here.  Better get your skates on if you want to book a place.

October promises to be a bit special for Newtown as the National Library of Wales has organised a series of historical events in the town.  Check out this link, where you can click through for further information.

London researchers may wish to have a look at the fine detail of 'Archives for London's' forthcoming Conference.  Taking place on Saturday 29th October, it will be on the subject of 'Learning in London'.

Off to the outermost reaches of the British Isles now, namely, St.Kilda and Mingulay and the appearance, online, of their school log books.

I see that Cleveland FHS's Autumn Family History Day, which was lined up for Saturday 8th October, has been cancelled.  No real reason given - just the announcement here.

And there's a survey at GenesReunited for you.  Though it doesn't say so at the start, the prize is £50's worth of M&S/Amazon vouchers.  Only takes five minutes.


Just in case you missed the link in the CIGO report above, there is a rather fun interactive map on the Ordnance Survey Ireland website (click on the bit that says 'Looking for an address?').  You can do all sorts of overlay tricks and the like.  Splendid.


A short piece has popped up on how to archive your Facebook activity, thus saving you the annoyance of losing all the bits and pieces you've accumulated on their website.  Handy, if you're into that sort of thing.

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