Thursday 22 September 2011

Hell Breaks Loose


It's all kicking off in the genealogical world this morning following the news, yesterday, of the latest records release by Ancestry.  The original announcement - a huge piece of news pertaining to Irish records - can be seen here (you can also see them neatly listed here).  The National Library of Ireland, though, is not happy, as it insists that proper permission was not sought by Ancestry first.  The Irish Times has a reasonably full report on the matter here.  Trouble at t' mill, as they say.

Elsewhere, those other big-players, FindMyPast, have released their 'Manchester Collection', which pretty much speaks for itself.

A couple of items of slightly older news now in the shape of two reports on the FFHS website.  Both should be taken in by users of our London repositories especially:

I like to occasionally refer you to the list of forthcoming events maintained by the Scottish Association of FHSs - so here it is.

Staying in Scotland, East Lothian are flaunting their Polish connections with a special exhibition - see here.

Irish company Eneclann have released their latest newsletter, which includes a focus on Co.Clare.

And GenesReunited are currently offering a 10% discount on their Platinum subscription (valid until 3rd October).  Not that I've tried it myself, but the special code you need is, apparently, GENESRSEPT.


'Some WWI Photographs' is worth a look.


A bit of fun spotted by Chris Paton: The History of English (in 10 parts, in ten minutes!) - see his post here.  Nice one!

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