Friday 2 November 2012

Genealogy News - 2nd November

Lots and lots of newsletters to catch up on, so let's get cracking...

S&N Email News is always worth a look. There's plenty in there for everyone, but Worcestershire researchers will be especially interested this time around.

Here's the latest issue of Essex Record Office's newsletter.

The November issue of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's newsletter is also now available.

Here's the second instalment from the Ireland Reaching Out team.

There are some interesting Dublin developments at (there's also a special offer in there!).

Elsewhere, there's plenty to report on...

First up, check out new developments at Forces War Records - see their home page, then the little article (and link) at the RH side. You have to register to gain access to their new 'Historic Document' library, and it seems you need to subscribe to get the full benefit from the service. Interesting stuff, though, and well worth checking out.

Here's the latest Podcast from TNA ('Tracing Marriages: legal requirements & actual practice, 1700-1836')

Check out the latest (and lengthy) list of 'browse only' archived book releases from Ancestry.

The December issue of the WDYTYA? Magazine is now available.

The recently-released issue of Your Family History Magazine can be scrutinised here.

Ruth Blair has published a long series of genealogy hints and tips on the subject of 'England'.

Fans of the specialist genealogy search engine, Mocavo, may wish to check out the latest developments concerning the website.

News from the Irish Genealogy News blog (thanks Claire):

And a few good 'spots' from Chris Paton's blog which I hadn't picked up elsewhere:

A helpful review of a recent genealogy book release can be found here (thanks John).

Some of you may be tempted by Christine Woodcock's 'Genealogy Tour of Scotland'.

The usual Friday stuff from the BBC's History Extra website:

More news oddments at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

From 'The Quack Doctor' blog...

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