Friday 23 November 2012

Genealogy News - 23rd November have made some additions to two of their London datasets - and access to these record collections is free until Saturday (you need to register on the site first, though). You will note there's a handy 'Focus on London' feature available, too.

Check out the latest additions to DeceasedOnline - this time covering Scotland.

The Welsh genealogy TV series, Coming Home, begins its seventh series tonight (23rd) on BBC 1 Wales - see here. Note that the episodes will be viewable elsewhere in the UK afterwards via the BBC iPlayer.

FindMyPast takes a look at the family tree of TV star Miranda Hart.

Those interested in colonial matters may wish to cast their eyes over this news item from TNA.

A couple of items from the Irish Genealogy News blog:

Blogger Alan Stewart draws our attention to a new military records release at the Family Relatives website. The website itself can be found here.

Birmingham researchers will no doubt be aware of their archives' closure for nigh on a year (well, a good nine months).

I see there's been a substantial update to Ancestry's 'Masters & Mates Certificates' collection, 1850-1927 - see their 'updates page'.

Irish researchers may wish to check out the National Library of Ireland's 20x20 talk notes which have recently gone online. Though they are of limited value to those of us who were not present at the original talks, there is still something to be learned from them.

The 'Abroad in the Yard' blog has an interesting piece on the Mormons genealogical activities.

Blogger John D Reid has highlighted a couple of useful West Midlands resources.

Here's an interesting freebie: 'A Primer in Irish Genealogy' (thanks to @ARebelHand on Twitter).

I seem to remember mentioning this many moons ago, but it's always worth reminding you all of an excellent pointer or two - this time from Christine Woodcock on the subject of children's hospital records (London & Glasgow).

Here's Friday's stuff from the Beeb:

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