Tuesday 30 October 2012

Genealogy News - 30th October

TNA is currently promoting its latest project, namely, the digitisation of the WWI Military Service Tribunal records - see also here. And here's a related blog post.

The BBC's WWI 'special' may be of interest to you.

WDYTYA? Magazine is offering a free book for subscribers.

Gresham College, London, has unveiled its talks schedule for November (all free, and open to all).

The latest podcast from TNA can be found here.

A few useful leads from blogger Chris Paton:

There is some useful guidance on Poor Relief in Scotland from Kirsty Wilkinson, here.

Another reminder about one of the hazards of historical research: many institutions close for stocktaking towards the end of the calendar year. For example, Anglesey Archives is shutting up shop soon.

Here's an interesting problem for young researchers of the future.

Hey, and this is a great story - all about being descended from a serial killer.

In the never-ending quest for a world family tree, see this preview of the new 'Family Tree' concept which is due for release by FamilySearch in a few month's time.

I thought that some of you may find this book review on Scottish research useful.

Forthcoming events can be summarised thus:

More news items can be viewed via the BI-Gen Twitter feed. A reminder that you don't have to formally 'follow me' or even join Twitter to access the link. But a 'follow' would be nice!

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