Friday 30 March 2012

Various Bits and Pieces

The Family Tree Magazine website is carrying a lot more news items of interest since its revamp a few months back. For example, there's a little news round-up here (which carries a few items not covered by this blog) and there's also a piece which caught my eye on the subject of the Magna Carta.

Still wondering what the newly-launched 'Friends Reunited' website is all about? Well, here's an explanation from the horse's mouth.

Another of our major websites, FamilySearch, has a useful-looking 'TechTips' section which is worth a browse.

The National Archives have launched their new 'Archives Sector' website, which "provides guidance and information for everyone who works with or within archives". TNA have also made an announcement regarding the future of archive preservation as balanced against 'green' concerns - see here.

TNA's latest podcast, on the subject of 'Business Archives', is now available.

Lovers of Dublin's history will want to check out the tasty line-up of lectures on The Little Museum of Dublin's website.

Natives of Northern Ireland have the April programme of events at Linen Hall Library to look forward to.

Here's an interesting bit of news about an amazing find during the refurbishment of Belfast City Hall.

The week's 'History Headlines' from the BBC can be found here. The latest history podcast from the same institution is available, too. And the Beeb have jumped on the Titanic bandwaggon with a new, dedicated section on their website.

Oh, and the BBC's guide to the week's TV & radio history shows can be found here.

Talking about TV and history, here's a controversial article on the subject on the HistoryToday website.

OK, so it's from 2009, but you might have missed this one...

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