Friday 23 March 2012

Minor Genea News Round-up

Nothing earth-shattering to report today, but some of the following may be of interest...

Readers should check out Chris Paton's helpful post on the subject of 'TNA's User Group update' on his BritishGENES blog, here.

The Family Recorder blog has a piece on 'Using the London Gazette', which may give a (free) lead or two on your research.

There's a little bit of feedback from the Europeana WWI memorabilia event at Preston on 10th March.

Europeana also has a look at the latest craze to sweep the Internet: Pinterest (direct link here). This really seems to be taking off, and it's a website that local and family historians may come to know and love very well in the months and years ahead.

Blogger John D Reid points us to an interesting new angle on DNA research - and a really curious idea it is, too. I'll say no more, other than to guide you to his little piece, here.

Claire Santry has another batch of updates to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

There's an online historical survey for you to take part in on the subject of 'Britain's Greatest Foes' at the National Army Museum website. Runs until 30th March.

The seriously academic among you may be interested in this post on TNA's blog about the organisation's 'Big Questions' (as they put it).

The April issue of WDYTYA? Magazine is now on sale.

Some TV & radio for the coming week can be found here and here.

The BBC HistoryExtra website also has its latest 'History Headlines', as well as a new podcast.

And the latest special offers from Pen & Sword Books can be found here.

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