Monday 5 March 2012

Surviving on Scraps

Still seems a bit slow out there in 'genea world'. I have, however, managed to scrape together a few items for you...

The Belfast Telegraph is issuing free genealogy supplements this week - see here.

Issue 25 of Your Family History is now available.

Christine Woodcock makes a DVD/book recommendation on the subject of Child Migrants, here. And Christine has also been busy on her blog of late, with short articles on Scottish Naming Patterns: Diminutives and another on 'genealogy search engines'.

It's about time I reminded you of the 'Electric Scotland' website and its regular updates.

Claire Santry provides a report on the 'Irish in Wales - Identity in Context' event in Prestatyn last week.

The usual weekly round-up of articles from the Two Nerdy History Girls is worth a browse - see here.

GenealogyInTime has issued another update entitled 'Newest Genealogy Records on the Internet'.

Those of you who are deeply into genetics may be interested in following the lead from this post on the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog.

And some, er, chimpanzee genealogy news can be found here.

From Twitter:

Today's oddity is an old article taken from the Daily Mail website entitled...

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