Wednesday 31 August 2011

New Ways to 'Go'


As a genealogist, I'm sure you're as fascinated with death, burial and graveyards as any person you know.  Well, maybe not 'fascinated', but at least 'interested'.  I know I am.  Hence my immense satisfaction at coming across this little gem of an article on the BBC website.  All to do with a new method of disposing of the dead - and it's a British idea.  Doesn't it make you proud!


The Dunfermline Register, 1829-59, which has popped up at Ancestry, may be of considerable interest to those of you with historical links to Fife, Perthshire, Kinross-shire and Clackmannanshire.

FindMyPast have placed a new batch of records online (some 18,000) pertaining to Thames and Medway.  These cover the period 1825-71 for the parishes of Greenwich and Rotherhithe.

A reminder of the ongoing nationwide activities under the banner of the 'Archive Awareness Campaign', where there is still plenty to be enjoyed - as detailed on the 'Events' section of their website.

A couple of new Podcasts have appeared on TNA's website, here (Railways & the Mobilisation for War in 1914 and MI5 File Release).

And whilst we're with TNA, those of you who follow these things closely may be interested in TNA's Chief's latest activities.

A wee offer from the WDYTYA? website winds up today's news.


A few TV programmes for the week.

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