Friday 12 August 2011

Strange-Sounding Ailments

I dug this one out from my notes a few days ago when I was looking for stuff to give you to look at when I was away for a few days, so here it is.  Originally spotted on the Genealogy Gazette blog (see the post in question here), it’s a splendid website called ‘Rudy’s List of Archaic Medical Terms’.  Speaks for itself, really.

I’m not sat at my PC today and can’t guarantee it, but chances are that the following two websites have been updated in the last 24hrs or so – or will be any time soon:
  • BBC HistoryExtra – for general historical chatter, and a TV/Radio schedule (see the blue-green bar just under the title);
  • WDYTYA? Magazine – generally covers a handful of the week’s major genealogical headlines, plus a TV/Radio schedule, too, of course. 


1960:  First communications satellite begins operating (Echo 1A).

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