Thursday 1 September 2011

Postcard Fair


I'm a bit late with this one, but if you're a postcard collector you probably know about it already.  Anyway, the fact is that today is the opening day of the Picture Postcard Show 2011.  It's a mighty three-day affair, so there's still time for you to trot along if you're somewhere near London - full details can be found here.  I spotted this story on The Wandering Genealogist's blog - thanks John!

More news from London - this time The National Archives - but it actually concerns the availability of a new resource concerning Nottinghamshire and its 'Manorial Documents Register'.

Not too far away from Nottingham lies the fine city of Sheffield - and researchers there will be delighted to learn that Sheffield City Archives will be re-opening on Monday 5th September.  As far as I'm aware, everything remains on course as per this news update.

A couple of items from Scotland.  Firstly, there's news of a 'Scottish Working People's History Display' at the National Library of Scotland (click on the link, then follow the further link).  And also, thanks to Chris Paton for pointing out the release of the September issue of Discover My Past: Scotland - see his post here.


1939:  Germany invades Poland, triggering WWII;
1969:  Bloodless coup in Libya sees Colonel Gaddafi take power.

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