Wednesday 3 August 2011

Research Queries Idea


In the midst of a bout of email correspondence with Eastbourne Reference Library, East Sussex, I came across the following entry in their Summer 2011 newsletter:

Come to a dead end with your family history research?
If you’ve reached a point with your family or house history research where you’ve hit a brick wall why not ask other library users for help? Simply speak to a member of staff in the reference library who will give you a form to fill in with your questions – this will then be stuck onto our blog board (which is situated by the microfilm readers) where it will be available for everyone to view. If there are any responses you will then be contacted by library staff. The service is free and your contact details will not be made available to anyone other than staff. Why not give it a go, it could prove to be invaluable.

Now I don't get out much, but I must confess that I've never come across this idea before.  It seems an absolutely splendid idea, and I wonder how widespread it is?  If there are any libraries or archives out there who don't already do this (and there must be many), then I think they should consider doing so immediately!

Just up the road from Eastbourne is Bexhill, and on Saturday 27th August the town's Museum is hosting a Family & Local History Day.  The usual collection of stalls will be in attendance and a number of lectures will be laid on (bookable in advance, I think), together with plenty of family activities.  There's even still time to book a stall, if you want one.  This link is a good starting point, but you can also contact Claire Eden for more information.

More chat on the Welsh-themed, week-long shenanigans at Wrexham can be found here, where there's news about the town's new 'branch' of the National Library of Wales!

The latest Podcast from TNA can be found here (Land Tax).

An appeal has been made by the Scottish Screen Archive for donations of home movies shot since 1970  - see the article at the National Library of Scotland's website, here.

And the second issue of the completely free Warfare magazine can be accessed here.  There's no catch - it really is absolutely FREE!


Three very diverse items for you to cast your eyes over...

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