Saturday 20 August 2011

News From the South-East


FindMyPast have announced the release of 148,000 new burial records for East Kent and East Surrey - read all about it here.

Staying in the bottom right-hand corner of the British Isles, I see that London Metropolitan Archives have issued a press release regarding future opening hours.  However, the LMA's hours are subject to a good deal more change over the coming months, with the following caveat appearing elsewhere on the Web...

From Monday 14 November 2011 (following our re-opening after stocktaking) there will also be changes to our weekday openings. LMA will close on Fridays, but there will be an extra late night opening as we will stay open on Wednesdays (as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays) until 7.30 pm. 

So, in summary, do be careful when planning a visit!

The SoG have published another book: My Ancestor Was a Studio Photographer.

Another reminder of the forthcoming 'Ulster Genealogy & Migration Studies Autumn School' in October in Omagh.

The National Archives of Ireland have issued a short but stern warning, here.

A couple of Podcasts for you to listen to, thus:

Finally, a piece of important news about the 1940 US Census - it's gonna be free for nearly two years!


A useful-looking website can be found at  Be sure to check out the 'Heritage Events' section. 


If only all our youngsters were quite so keen...


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