Saturday 13 August 2011

Help Me!

I should like to dedicate today’s blog entry, as I am occasionally prone to do, to an appeal for information.

You’ve probably heard it before, so I’ll keep it brief.  News, online articles, useful websites, unusual record entries, you know the sort of thing.  Anything to do with British or Irish family history.  Get items, links, etc., into me at .

My plan to bring out a publication of genealogical oddities, etc., is progressing well.  I am still keen to collect more material, though – stories, PR entries, MIs, that sort of thing.  I will be putting the final touches on the booklet over the next few weeks, then starting immediately on a second volume.  So I really do need some help!

If you want more info on my wants, needs and plans, then see this old post from June.

Oh, and don’t forget to help build up the ‘Surname Register’ (see link above).

The blog will be back to normal on Monday.  But not before another burst of …


1961:  The Berlin Wall seals the border between East and West Germany (wow – 50 years!).
1964:  Last hangings in the UK take place on the same day: Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans.

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