Saturday 27 August 2011

Bank Holiday Stuff


Would have brought you this a little bit sooner if I'd found it earlier.  Never mind.  A few events for the weekend can be found at the Best of British Magazine website.  Whatever you do this bank holiday, don't forget to take your brolly.

A few bits from Ireland now...

  • Ireland's 'Culture Night' is on Friday 23rd September.  Quite often there's plenty of good historical stuff to be had for free at these sorts of events, so do have a look;
  • Latest issue of Irish Roots is now available;
  • And Limerick researchers may be able to get something out of this new resource, via the NLI's blog.

Elsewhere, we have the latest Podcast from the BBC's HistoryExtra website.

Then there's another addition to TheGenealogist's database for Diamond subscribers (New Zealand records).

And if you've been following the GENI debate, then you'll want to take in this GeneaBloggers post.


If you're interested in the great celebration of Welsh culture and tradition that is the 'Eisteddfod', then take a look at this little effort.


The BBC's 'History Headlines' for the week can be enjoyed here.  There's a little story in there about genetics, so do have a dip.


The folks at MyHeritage have released some impressive facts and figures about their huge concern, here and here.

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