Friday 4 March 2011

More about the OGA


On 23rd February I reported on the launch of an important new organisation called the Open Genealogy Alliance.  Well, the group is now up and running and I just wanted to remind you all of what an important development this is for the future of our hobby.

What the OGA is all about, essentially, is maintaining open access to major genealogical datasets that are becoming increasingly commercialised.  This will be a tricky process.  Commercial big-boys such as Ancestry, FindMyPast, and the like are pouring an awful lot of cash into our once impoverished pastime, yet the very same organisations are making it quite expensive for us to get at the most sought after data collections.  Most of our major bodies - government institutions included - are being seduced by the major players, and the smaller commercial concerns are finding it difficult to compete.

Anyway, I would urge you all to take a close look at recent developments here and here, to keep an eye on the situation - and to offer your support, or otherwise, when required.  The OGA website is a little underdeveloped at present, but stick with it.

I'll quickly run through a few other bits and pieces:-

The SoG has placed this useful list online - being the Handouts for the presentations and workshops at the WDYTYA? Live! fair.  Some are pretty good, others don't make a lot of sense - but, hey-ho, there you go.

The FFHS now has a Facebook page.

Oh, and...


... a list of forthcoming TV & Radio shows for us all.

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