Thursday 10 March 2011

Channel Islands Research Tips


If you have research interests in the Channel Islands or, perhaps more importantly, are just starting out on your investigations in this part of the world, then take a look at the first part of a series of helpful little articles at The Nosey Genealogist (yes, I know the title just says 'Jersey', but the information seems to pertain to the Islands generally).  I'll let you know of any further postings on the topic.

OK, so International Women's Day has passed us by, but I've just spotted this interesting piece on history's pioneering women.


Ancestry has unveiled a new 'Living Relative Search' facility on its website, being a "fast and convenient way of finding living relatives living in the UK".  Some aspects of it are free, others require the purchasing of credits - and it doesn't seem to be included in any of the subscription packages.  There are summaries to be found here and here, and the search page itself is here.


Forthcoming TV & Radio programmes of interest can be found here.


1801:  First British Census is taken.  Learn more about it here.
1876:  Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call by uttering the immortal words: "Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you."

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