Monday 21 March 2011

Census Giveaways 1


What's that? I hear you say, 'Census Giveaways'?  Well, I actually only know of one so far, but with the big day less that a week away, I am making the assumption that a few more special - and topical - offers will come along via the genealogical big-boys. is first off the mark with this offer.  If previous 'open access' offers are anything to go by it may prove to be difficult to get much out of the occasion due to high amounts of traffic, but I'm sure there'll be other opportunities to indulge ourselves, too, from the other major players.  Watch this space.

Irish researchers may be interested in the latest news from Eneclann, here (a few new publications, their sale, President Obama's Irish roots, and news of their Facebook site).


Thanks to this post on the Anglo-Celtic Connections blog, I am able to pass on news of a maps website which you may not be aware of (MAPCO).  Not a huge amount of British / Irish material on the site yet, but it's free and is worth keeping an eye on.


This post on the FindMyPast blog offers an interesting story about the famous suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison - with a link to this morning's BBC Radio 4 slot about her 1911 act of defiance.

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