Wednesday 2 March 2011

Breeding Ground


As is so often the case, an event like WDYTYA? Live! tends to bring new developments and partnerships in the genealogical world.  As the major players in the industry mix and mingle ('networking', I think they call it), ideas are exchanged and, occasionally, new advances made in the field.  One such move seems to be's partnership with Cassini Maps, which may be worth keeping an eye on.

Another perspective on the weekend's fair can be found on the SoG's blog.  Take note of the closing words regarding the event's takeover by the BBC.  The SoG have now released their new book, The Society of Genealogists, 1911-2011: A Century of Family History.

Just spotted this one, too: last call for Chris Paton's Scottish Research Online course.


Elsewhere, you can take a celebratory look at St.David's Day (which was yesterday); or, perhaps, examine another angle on the movie of the moment, The King's Speech, here.


An unusual posting on the MyHeritage blog can be found here.  How many of us have home movies from the 1920s, I wonder?  If you have, I want to know about it - and get them online!


1797:  The first £1 note is issued;
1882:  Roderick McLean tries to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor with a pistol.  He is declared insane and banged up in Broadmoor Asylum until his death 39 years later;
1969:  Concorde makes its maiden flight.


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