Tuesday 9 July 2013

Genealogy News - 9th July

There's an appalling lack of family history news to be had at the moment - seems like everyone's been cheering on Andy Murray these past few days. Can we get back to the serious business of genealogy now, please? Anyway, there's virtually nothing to report on, so I'll not keep you long....

Probably the best thing to come to light in the last few days is the old RootsTech lectures popping up online. Not sure how long they've been there, but thanks to @Infolass on Twitter for pointing them out.

The latest offer from Pen & Sword Books includes a special family history deal.

Think you may be interested in Chichester Consistory Wills, 1482-1800? Then check out the latest update from Origins.net (and go to bottom left of page).

Claire Santry brings us a little bit of Roscommon news. And there's also a report of a discount available at RootsIreland.

And from Scotland Chris Paton gives air to an interesting new project from ScotlandsPlaces.

Here's your weekly round-up of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

Even the 'forthcoming events' listing is struggling...

More news, etc., at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Thanks to @MyHeritage on Twitter for...

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