Saturday 27 July 2013

Genealogy News - 27th July

Ancestry are once again offering free access to the 1911 Census of England & Wales. You've got until the 14th October to indulge yourself - but you will have to register with the website (free).

Miss the first episode of WDYTYA? Check it out here (info about the episode + link to the show itself). Your Family Tree magazine have a related (free) download.

Over 400,000 new Royal Navy and Merchant Seamen records have popped up at TheGenealogist (thanks to @SueWilkesauthor on Twitter). Indeed, this news is included in the latest S&N Genealogy Supplies e-newsletter.

You may wish to browse the July e-newsletter from ScotlandsPeople.

Three good spots by blogger Chris Paton:

Thanks to @DebbieKennett on Twitter for flagging this interesting article entitled 'Selling Roots'.

The DeceasedOnline blog has a neat piece on the rituals and rigmarole surrounding death. Also, DeceasedOnline's latest news bulletin can be found here.

Leeds researchers will want to check this out.

Could you be related to Oliver Cromwell?

Cemetery records news for Limerick and Clare. More Irish stuff - this time for Cavan - to be found here. And the source of all this info (Claire Santry) also brings us a little update re. the Irish GRO Research Room.

Get confused about the Royal family tree? Check out this helpful graphic (thanks to @My_History on Twitter). And here's another royal-related article from the 'Abroad in the Yard' blog.

Barnardo's Archive to be binned? Read all about it here (thanks to @archives4london on Twitter).

Some interesting history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

Famous family trees: Sean Bean.

Weekend stuff from the BBC:

Forthcoming events:

And don't forget to keep calling in at the BI-Gen Twitter feed, which is updated most days.

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