Friday 3 May 2013

Genealogy News - 3rd May

The May newsletter from S&N Genealogy Supplies is now out - see here. This issue includes some important news items, so don't miss out.

Talking of newsletters, here's the latest effort from the Parish Chest.

Oh, and here's another: the CWGC May e-newsletter.

And there's serious reading to be had with the launch on 1st May of this new genealogy e-mag.

DeceasedOnline have added records for Altrincham to their datasets. Some info can be found here, and no doubt an article will pop up on their blog in due course.

Here's something for Scottish diaries for August.

Ancestry have added a new collection of 'UK City & County Directories' to their website - see here and follow the links.

News re. Oxford wills from

Sad news: Salford Heritage Services to be slashed (via @SpeakUp4Libs on Twitter).

Royal Navy interests? Check this out.

This looks interesting for Irish researchers.

More Irish stuff: updates to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

Latest from the BBC:

And don't forget the BI-Gen Twitter feed !

I do hope you haven't just eaten...

On a lighter note (I think), more confusion for future genealogists...

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