Friday 31 May 2013

Genealogy News - 31st May

Recent releases by Ancestry include great news for Surrey researchers - see their 'updates page' and follow the links.

Live near London and fancy a free lecture or three? Then check out the June listing for the excellent Gresham College. The talks are free and open to all (and most of the old ones are online at their website, too)

Scots may wish to take a look at this major forthcoming conference in October which is being organised by the Scottish Genealogy Society ... who have also released a few new publications.

Are you into community archives &/or heritage? Then you should check this newsletter out.

A couple of new podcasts have popped up at TNA's dedicated website.

Those of us with Bevin Boy ancestors may be interested in this.

An interesting story about a bid to identify Belfast soldiers.

Lots of Irish news, as usual, is available at Claire Santry's 'Irish Genealogy News' blog - so much of late, in fact, that I'm simply going to ask you to click through to her website and have a browse for yourself. In short, there's news on NLI's 'Summer of Genealogy', Derry's Great Parchment Book, an Irish Famine Conference, and lots, lots more.

A couple of items for Scottish researchers via blogger Chris Paton:

Check out a list of 10 free parish register websites.

Many genealogists may wish to follow blogger John D Reid's advice and take an online course.

The usual Friday stuff from the BBC...
  • The week's 'History Headlines' will soon pop up here (where you can also peruse previous instalments);
  • Latest Podcast;
  • Upcoming history TV & radio.

More to be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Questionable advice...

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