Tuesday 2 April 2013

Genealogy News - 2nd April

Some really great reading coming up ... which makes up for the continued lack of proper news!

We'll begin with that most excellent of efforts, the Lost Cousins Newsletter. I'm a bit late in reporting this piece of news so one or two of the offers have expired (apologies), but there is still plenty in there to take note of.

The powers-that-be should take heed of this thought-provoking post on the subject of family history and well-being. Very interesting.

Thanks to @DebbieKennett on Twitter for flagging this interesting article by Steve Jones, and also a BBC piece about a Celtic heritage project.

Here's your weekly dose of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

A couple of interesting posts from the blog of John D Reid:

The latest update from FamilySearch includes some UK WWI stuff.

I've seen a few references to this curious free online database which will be of interest to many of us - especially from the south-east of England. Here's Audrey Collins' take on the topic.

A spot of Irish news.

Chris Paton points out a slight reduction in the opening hours at Tyne & Wear Archives. This time of year often sees things like this being tinkered with, so best check your repository of interest before your next visit.

Upcoming events (not many!):

Latest news can be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

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