Friday 19 April 2013

Genealogy News - 19th April

First up, don't forget about the weekend offer of 'free marriage records' from Ancestry. Seems like you have to go into the site via .com rather than but you can still conduct searches then filter them down to 'UK only', or whatever.

DeceasedOnline are at it again. This time it's new records for Manchester.

Chris Paton also blogs about more cemetery records... for Derbyshire and Tameside.

A curious story about Iceland's 'incest alarm'.

Various upcoming Irish events; plus an update from the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

Fans of MyHeritage may wish to take a look at the latest version of their free family history software package.

Some interesting new stuff for London researchers has popped up on the Ancestry website - see their 'updates page' and follow the links.

More Irish stuff in the pipeline in the shape of the 'Down Survey of Ireland'.

The May issue of WDYTYA? Magazine is now in the shops.

Here are some freebies on offer from Your Family Tree Magazine.

Special offers re. DNA testing to be found here (yes, you can send your samples to the US from the UK - I did).

The somewhat 'over the top' funeral of Margaret Thatcher this week has prompted Audrey Collins to hark back to the simpler days of the 1960s and the sending off of Clement Attlee.

Here's a great story about two brothers who were reunited after EIGHTY years apart.

Some bits from the BBC:

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