Monday 31 December 2012

The End of Another One...

And so another year passes into history. A big 'Happy New Year' to both the readers of this blog and the followers of my Twitter account - hope you stick by me during 2013!

As hinted at in my previous post, it's now time for an appeal for help/support. It's a very simple request, namely, that you may wish to consider sending a small donation my way! This can be done via the DONATE button in the column to your right (just below the Quiz Book image). My income from the BI-Gen Blog is pretty much nil, and it does take a fair amount of time and effort to maintain; so if you've found my ramblings useful these past couple of years then do consider sending something my way. Note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to use the button - just click and follow the instructions. And any donations sent my way will be split 50/50 between myself and my e-Books4Charity fund-raising venture. Alternatively, of course, you could simply purchase something from the said website.

Talking of publications, you may be interested to know that my book, In the News: the 1970s, is now available in 'hard copy' format. To learn more about the publication - and to find out how to get hold of a copy (Kindle edition, PDF or 'hard copy') - then check out my brand new website, 1970sBritain.

The '1970sBritain' website is far from complete, but I thought I'd get it up there and develop it slowly over the coming weeks and months. Hope you enjoy it. If you spot any errors or glitches please let me know! And do get in touch with any comments regarding the same.

Enjoy your evening!

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