Monday 8 August 2011

Bye for a Bit

OK, so I’m not around for a few days to tend to your genealogical needs.  But I’ve still got a week’s worth of entertainment planned for you by cleverly scheduling things in a few days in advance.  Hope it all works in my absence…

First of all, many of you know that I have an interest in the history of the North-East of England.  So much so, in fact, that I maintain another blog called the North-East History Tour.  It’ll be of limited interest to the majority of you, of course, but you might find something exciting there.  One entry is sure to have an impact on you, though.  For a tragic tale of horrific proportions take a look at the story of the Victoria Hall Disaster, Sunderland, of 1883.  Get your hankies ready, for it is an incredibly sad affair.


1963:  Great Train Robbery;
1974:  Richard Nixon announces he is to resign as US president, effective from the following day;
1991:  Beirut hostage John McCarthy freed after more than five years in captivity.

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