Monday, 24 January 2011

More Freebies


OK, so I'm a day late, but 23rd January marked the 100th anniversary of the Pontypridd railway accident in which 11 people were killed.  The ensuing Board of Trade inquiry is free to download from TNA site for the next month.

Also, I see that is offering free access to its England & Wales, Criminal Registers, 1791-1892 until the end of January.  Thanks to Scottish GENES for flagging this one.

The latest TNA Podcast, entitled Damaged, Disturbed and Dismembered: disability and war in the 20th century is now available.


There's a curious piece on The Family Recorder blog, here, concerning an extraordinary scheme to build a land-bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

And have a look at this story from the BBC website.  You've just got to feel for the poor old man who never knew what he had.  Stroke of luck for his beneficiaries, though!


Death of...
Sir Winston Churchill, aged 90, in 1965.

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