Saturday 29 January 2011

Digi-downloads & Podcasts


Your Family Tree Magazine is celebrating its 100th issue very soon (1st Feb) - and is marking the event by going digital.  If you think you might be interested in getting your issue a little earlier than everybody else, as well as saving a fair bit of cash, then keep an eye on their website.  Their Facebook page has already released the digi subscription information.

Two new podcasts are now available:-
Journeys of Discovery: Surgeons at Sea ADM101 Research Symposium (TNA);
BBC History Magazine Podcast, Feb 2011 (Black Death, the life of Sir Walter Raleigh and the challenges involved in writing a history of Jerusalem).

The Guild of One-Name Studies has agreed with the Mormon's FamilySearch website that upon searching for a surname on the new FamilySearch website, users will find relevant contact details for GOONS members flagged. Though Guild members can opt out of the scheme, most will be pleased to have the opportunity of expanding their studies via this novel avenue.  Should be in place from February.


Those of you with an interest in the deepest recesses of Scottish history, may wish to peruse the Paradox of Medieval Scotland site, whose aim is to provide freely-available biographical information of all known people in Scotland between 1093 and 1286.  Their data is drawn from over 6,000 contemporary charters, and is the work of the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and King's College, London.

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