Friday 30 September 2011

Family Tree Maker 2012


Fans of the Family Tree Maker genealogy package will possibly already be aware that the 2012 version is now on the market.  At the risk of this blog becoming an advert for Ancestry, I shall do no more than refer you to the official announcement here.  No, I don't use it myself, so couldn't comment one way or the other.

The National Archives of Ireland have announced a change to their 'Genealogy Service'.  If you're wondering what on earth the service is, then the dedicated page can be found here.

Archives for London have posted a 'Members' Invitation' to the forthcoming ARA London Region Meeting on Thursday 13th October.

The National Library of Scotland has updated its 'Events' page.  There are plenty of tasty-looking talks, etc., on offer, and if you fancy any, well, you are urged to book your place early.

Your Family History Magazine has a competition for a free book here, and is also offering folk the chance to win a free photo restoration, here

And further to mention in yesterday's blog of the new range of Kindles (see also yesterday's 'Comments'), Dick Eastman has written a related piece on the topic.


The week's 'History Headlines' from the BBC are now available.

And, also from the Beeb, is a witty piece about a famous history book.


And here's your TV & Radio for the coming week.


1967:  Launch of Radio 1 - listen to their opening salvo (and the first song) here. I will say that, yes, I was around at the time, but that, no, I was too young to remember.  Honest!

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