Friday 16 September 2011

FindMyPast Activity


FindMyPast have announced a couple of updates of late.  The first concerns a mini-release of some 1,600+ burials records for Gwent; and the second can be found on the FindMyPast Ireland site, namely, another batch of Huguenot records (French Church of Portarlington, 1694-1816).

Irish researchers will also be interested in the latest update to the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives - see the report on the Irish Genealogy News blog.

The latest issue of Your Family Tree Magazine (No.108) is now available - see here.

Publishers of many a local and family history tome, Pen & Sword, currently have a sale running - check out their newsletter, here.

Visitors to The National Archives who are especially tech-savvy may be interested in this item of news concerning, well, it's all a bit, er, technical, so just have a look for yourself.

And users of the FamilySearch website (i.e. all of us) may wish to consider 'giving a little back' by having a look at their appeal for help.


An interesting little insight into the lives of our ancestors has popped up on The National Library of Ireland's blog.  All to do with the much misunderstood disease of scrofula, or The King's Evil.  Nice little article, with plenty of illustrations - have a look here.

Some modern-day social history now, and an article on the HistoryToday Magazine website chronicling shifting social attitudes to homosexuality during the 1950s and '60s.  The piece looks at the influence of movies especially, and specifically the 50th anniversary of the release of the landmark film, Victim. 


TV & Radio for the coming week.


And here's a look back at 'This Week in History'.

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