Tuesday 27 September 2011

Tuesday Events Round-up


As usual, here's a list of forthcoming events which may be of interest to the family historian.  If you know of any that I've omitted then please let me know at micksouthwick@blueyonder.co.uk ...

I should also like to give plenty of prior warning about two rather more distant events, both of which require advance booking, thus:
Another Lost Cousins newsletter is available for perusal.  There are several items in there that I haven't covered on my blog, and I'm going to force you to go there to pick them up as I think Peter Calver deserves to have his effort read by as many folk as possible.  So there.  Check it out here.

A couple of Irish items now.  First up is a spot by The Nosey Genealogist about the new forum at FindMyPast Ireland.  Hadn't noticed this before today.  The original post is here - then follow the link, then click on 'Forums' in the horizontal menu bar.  There's also a little intro here.

And the Irish Genealogy News blog has the latest on the forthcoming 'Certificate of Irish Heritage'.


It's such a lengthy post that I have to class it as an article, I think - and that's Chris Paton's colourful report on his adventures at the weekend's Tayroots Genealogy Fair.


And Chris also points out a new website, namely, 'The Breaking of Britain: Cross-Border Society and Scottish Independence, 1216-1314'.  See his post here, where the relevant link can be found.

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