Wednesday 7 September 2011

Interesting Reading


I seem to have fallen upon a glut of interesting little articles on the Internet over the past couple of days, so I thought I'd pass them onto you.  Oh, and do let me know if you yourself ever find anything useful or entertaining - contact me at

OK, so the first one is essentially a 'commercial' piece, but it still has a fair bit of value.  It's from Ancestry and is entitled 'Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors' - though it's mainly for the US market.

Christine Woodcock has blogged a useful link to help those engaged in researching Masonic ancestors - follow her lead by clicking here.  While I'm on the subject of Christine's blog, I should also mention her post on the subject of keeping a journal/diary - a useful prompt for us lazy genealogists (myself included).

If your looking for a bit of womanly advice, there's a curious piece to be found on the MailOnline website.

And finally, I have the 'Updates Genie' blog to thank for a helpful listing of how to go about applying for civil BMD certificates across Europe.  Follow the link on the original post, here (just in case there's a problem, the direct link is here).


Please don't forget to cash in on the Heritage Open Days weekend across England - with operations commencing tomorrow, 8th September.  Similar schemes are, of course, operating in Scotland and Wales.

ReadIreland have issued another batch of book news.  Click here, then click on 'ReadIreland Book News'.

And talking of books, I see a major new work has recently been published by OUP entitled Surnames, DNA, and Family History.  I've not seen a copy, but if David Hey is involved it's usually pretty good. (Note: you may get it a bit cheaper on Amazon)


A nice spot by Chris Paton: the Scottish 1841-1911 Census Street Indexes are now online.

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