Monday 12 September 2011

Back From the Fair


Had quite a time of it on Saturday, what with my visit to The National Family History Fair in Newcastle and the excitement of the Heritage Open Days Weekend.  I foolishly tried to squeeze everything into one day, but still had a very enjoyable time - including taking in a couple of talks at the fair (one on 'collaborative genealogy' by MyHeritage and a splendid 50-minute notes-free talk on 'genealogy and the media' by Nick Barratt.  I exchanged pleasantries with organiser Bob Blatchford and a few others, including a very brief 'hello-goodbye' encounter with ScottishGENES maestro, Chris Paton.  If you're reading this, Chris, I'm sorry I bothered you at such a busy time and I hope to have a longer chat with you at some point in the future!  If the truth be known, I didn't pick up any big news items to pass onto you all, except for a couple of websites - more of which later.

One major news item to pop up over the weekend was the appearance of more records on the DeceasedOnline website - this time concerning some 67,000 entries for cemeteries in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

The next bit of news is every bit as important, actually, being the release of the latest issue of the Lost Cousins newsletter.  Lots of news and views as ever, of course, but there are also two notable special offers up for grabs in connection with the FindMyPast and DeceasedOnline websites - so do have a look.

Thanks to Chris Paton for pointing out that the 'Genealogy in Time' blog has publicised the availability of new cemetery records for Co.Kerry (direct link here).

A couple of new podcasts have popped up, too:


As promised, some websites which I picked up over the weekend....

First of all, you are probably already familiar with the UKBMD site, but do you know that there are two related sites dedicated to 'Genealogical Directories/Lists' (UKGDL) and 'Military Family History' (UKMFH)?  Well, you do now. 

I also picked up a leaflet for the 'Family & Community Historical Research Society' website - something which I have mentioned before.  However, there is a facility at which enables you to download two free articles from back copies of the society's journal.  What you do is click on the link above, then go to 'Top Articles' (top right of screen), then take your pick.  And it works, as I've just tried it myself.

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