Saturday 7 September 2013

Genealogy News - 7th September

Not a huge amount to report on this weekend, but below you will find a fair bit of reading to catch up on...

What sounds like a big story from Ancestry/FamilySearch can be found here - though I guess we'll have to wait for the specifics.

Well worth a look: the latest IHGS Newsletter.

Also worth a quick gander: the latest releases from TheGenealogist.

Latest e-newsletter from TNA. You may wish to take special care to read the item entitled The Gloves Are Off.

September e-bulletin from Essex Record Office.

More info on the latest episode of WDYTYA?

Another newsletter from S&N Genealogy Supplies.

And yet another newsletter: Scottish Council on Archives' Broadsheet.

Those with merchant seamen ancestors will want to have a listen to TNA's latest podcast. Oh, and there's also a podcast on the subject of emigration/immigration.

Some great random history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls.

Thanks to @GuildOneName on Twitter for the latest news on the future of the Census.

@WYorkshireLives on Twitter brings us an update on developments in Bradford.

And @BMSGH on Twitter brings us the BBC news item re. Birmingham's new super-library.

October issue of Family Tree mag.

I see the nominations have been made for John Reid's 'Rock Star Genealogists' poll.

Various Irish bits and pieces from Claire Santry's blog:

I should really say that there are a good few more minor news stories from Ireland to be found on Claire's blog - have a browse here.

Latest from the Beeb:

Forthcoming events:

And the latest news can be found at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

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