Sunday 18 August 2013

Genealogy News - 18th August

Hello again. I'm finally back online after a week or so's break. A few days down in the Thames Valley are now behind me and a minor hernia operation lies ahead next week (unless it's postponed again!). It's all go. You may wonder if I was up to anything special 'down south' - well, I was, actually. Read on (or scroll down) for further information, nosey-parker.

And here's what's been happening in the genealogy world since I last blogged...

FindMyPast have released more newspaper records.

Recent additions to the Ancestry database can be found here.

Haven't had a chance to digest this yet, but here's the latest Lost Cousins Newsletter.

Latest newsletter from ScotlandsPeople.

Parish Chest produced another little update a few days ago - see here.

August e-news from S&N Genealogy Supplies.

And here's the August e-bulletin from TNA.

Latest issue of Your Family Tree magazine.

If you've been watching the UK version of WDYTYA?, then you will find programme background info here.

Here's the August issue of Irish Lives Remembered. As for other Irish news, I'm gonna be lazy and pass you over to the Irish Genealogy News blog - Claire Santry has been out of action herself of late, but her blog is always the best place to go for news from over the Irish Sea, and she gives a nice summary of stuff from the past week or so in one of her posts. Click here and scroll down a bit.

Chris Paton's BritishGENES blog is also, of course, an excellent source of genealogy news. Not wanting to pinch any of his stories, I would encourage you to have a quick scroll through his recent posts to see if anything has popped up whilst I've been distracted by my holiday.

Recent worldwide genealogy news stories can be found here.

Don't think I've mentioned this one yet: Welsh newspapers release.

More info on military cemeteries from DeceasedOnline.

Catch up on recent TNA Podcasts.

There's a new family/local/social history magazine on the horizon - see here. Ah, but the full story behind the new effort can be discovered here!

Thanks to @findmypast on Twitter for this interesting look at previous generations.

A new photographic initiative from MyHeritage.

Here's a history crossword.

The September issue of 'History Today' is now available.

Two instalments of history links from the Two Nerdy History Girls can be found here and here.

Do the experiences of your ancestors affect your genetic make-up? Possibly, say the experts.

Latest from the BBC:

Forthcoming events:

Keep in touch with other bits and bobs at the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

In case you were wondering, this is one of the things I was up to last week. More info about the subject matter can be found here (though I've yet to update the website with last week's developments).

An unusual record entry...

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