Friday 21 June 2013

Genealogy News - 21st June

Want some free online genealogy reading? You can have all you want here (thanks to @SueWilkesauthor on Twitter for the tip-off).

The same source (Dick Eastman) also provides interesting food for thought here.

Oh, I see the latest Lost Cousins newsletter is out, too. Another great read!

For those of you keeping up with the shenanigans surrounding the release of the 1926 Irish Census, see here.

A good spot by Chris Paton re. free access to Irish BMD indexes from (we're all assuming that the other FMP formats will fall into line in due course -, ie, au).

Chris also nicely summarises developments at - including lots of things to come.

A newspaper update from FindMyPast.

Latest issue of Your Family Tree Magazine.

Here's a decent-looking offer from WDYTYA? Magazine.

A selection of Irish events over the coming weeks and months.

Latest offers from Pen & Sword Books. And some special offers from TNA.

The usual Friday stuff from the BBC:

And don't forget the BI-Gen Twitter feed.

Thanks to @HistoryforGirls on Twitter...

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