Tuesday 19 March 2013

Genealogy News - 19th March

There has been an astonishing lack of useful genealogy news over the past week or so. Irish folk have been busying themselves quite nicely with various events and record releases, but the UK has gone into hibernation. Still, you may find something of interest below ... and there are plenty of forthcoming events over the next few days!

St.Patrick's Day has, of course, come and gone since I last reported. Here's a neat, dedicated post on the subject of Irish research in England.

Here's the latest from the Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives.

@LondonHistorian on Twitter recommends this post for some basic London research guidance.

Thanks to @ARebelHand on Twitter for reminding us of the latest FFHS e-Zine.

Then there's S&N Genealogy's latest Email News.

Another e-newsletter - this time from ScotlandsPeople. Note, especially, the forthcoming events at Dundee and Galashiels (as well as those at Forfar and Cupar at the bottom of the bulletin).

The latest history links round-up from the Two Nerdy History Girls. And the girls also recommend this fine-looking free Kindle download (please note the direct Kindle link for the UK is here).

Forthcoming events:

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