Sunday 17 April 2011

New FH Show Coming Soon


Of some interest, no doubt, to family historians will be the forthcoming ITV series Long Lost Family, due to commence on Thursday 21st April at 9pm (ITV1).  It's basically a 'reunion' show for family members separated for lengthy periods of time - so it may offer some pointers (and some hope) for those of us in a similar predicament.  You can find out more here and here, and if you go to the ITV website, here, you can fiddle about with the 'TV Guide' until you find the show's description.  They're planning a second series, so those of you who fancy getting your mug on the telly can get in touch with the company concerned via the first mentioned link.


SoG members may be interested in this curious little tour.  Frankly, I should imagine that many family historians, with their semi-morbid fascination with death, would be interested in a tour of the London Catacombs.  The authorities could be missing a trick here.

Irish researchers may wish to check out the latest update from Ireland Genealogy Projects, as featured on the Irish Genealogy News blog.


Part 8 of 'Researching Family in Jersey' has appeared on The Nosey Genealogist's blog.  This time its 'Military Records'.  Thanks to James McLaren for this helpful post - which includes information on a couple of pre-1841 censuses.

And The Family Recorder blog has a helpful piece on those with ancestors lost amidst the London Docks.


1969:  Voting age in the UK is lowered from 21 to 18.

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