Monday 11 April 2011

Irish Roadshow


RootsIreland have fell upon the news that RTE Television are to conduct a Genealogy Roadshow throughout Ireland during late May and June.  Click here for the full story.

TheGenealogist website has unveiled a few new bits and bobs of late.  Information on Pre-1841 Census info for London, Australian Convict Records, and some 1851 Scottish Census stuff can be found here.


Your Family History's Facebook page has flagged this interesting website: Victorian Crime & Punishment.

You may wish to have a browse of the website of The Historical Association.  These guys are co-ordinating next month's Local History Month, of course, though the website's diary seems a little empty (best visit your local library for this sort of info, anyway).  Also on the HA's website can be found a scattering of Podcasts (some require you to subscribe, though), and news of the forthcoming HA Annual Conference during 13th-14th May in Manchester.


Liam Byrne's Roscommon History Facebook page mentions a curious little story about an image of Christ. (Thanks for the mention of BI-Gen, too, Liam!).


1814:  Napoleon abdicated as Emperor, and was exiled to the island of Elba - Louis XVIII becoming king of France;
1855:  Pillar boxes were introduced - a total of six were erected in London ... and were painted green.

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