Friday 13 April 2012

Titanic Stuff + Lots More

I have tried to steer away from the subject of the Titanic on this blog, as the world seems to be obsessed with the topic at the minute. Perhaps one of the most useful things we can take away from the current hysteria is to 'check the facts' when it comes to historical research. A short while ago I mentioned this article on the myths surrounding the Titanic story, and 'The Armchair Genealogist' hammers home the point, here.

And whilst we're with the Titanic I might as well flag this article by Nick Barratt.

Elsewhere, FindMyPast have been busy again - today they have news of record releases concerning Northants, Yorkshire, Dorset and Kent.

DeceasedOnline have added records pertaining to the Cotswolds to their website. Click here, then see bottom-right of screen.

Here are a couple of items to catch up on from Claire Santry's blog:

And here's some important news from Chris Paton's blog:

A collection of some recent history articles can be found at the HistoryToday website, here.

A couple of items from the BBC's HistoryExtra site:
  • Podcast (Roman invasion / Shakespeare's Richard II);
  • TV & radio for the coming week.

There's an 'appeal for information' on the FMP blog which may interest some of you.

And more news can be found via my Twitter feed. There may be something there for you, so do have a quick look.

Oh, I was just about to close out this post when yet another Titanic item popped up! Enough, please!!

Can you imagine how long it took to make this wonderful time-lapse film?

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