Thursday 5 April 2012

Newsletters Galore!

One of the more impressive of the genealogical e-newsletters is that produced by S&N Genealogy - and you can check out the latest issue by clicking here.

Another e-bulletin which is always worth a look (lots of new product releases, etc) is the Parish Chest Newsletter - see the latest issue here.

And to complete today's set, here's the March E-zine from the FFHS - another 'must see' bulletin.

Oh, just spotted another one: the Victoria County Histories newsletters page (No.4 just out).

There's been a little update to the National Library of Scotland's 'Events' page.

News of a major conference in Co.Galway on the subject of the 'Irish-American link' can be found here.

Nice story coming out of Northern Ireland re. getting old folk to reminisce (thanks to @ScotlandsPeople on Twitter).

An interesting new exhibition at London's Imperial War Museum entitled 'A Family in Wartime' begins today.

There's been a small update to Ancestry's holdings for Liverpool - see their updates page.

News story about the grave of Hitler's parents (thanks to @HISTORYmag on Twitter).

And Claire Santry looks at the new edition of John Grenham's Tracing Your Irish Ancestors.

You will have noticed a couple of stories from Twitter above. I would remind you of my own Twitter account at @HistoryMick (link), which, if you 'follow', you will find carries regular updates throughout the day on stories of interest. I know that most of you probably don't have Twitter accounts, but would ask that you consider joining because...
  • It's really easy to do so (and free, of course);
  • You don't have to 'engage' (or 'tweet') with others - you can remain 'passive';
  • Not ALL of my news items appear on the BI-Gen blog - most of the minor pieces of news are flagged solely on Twitter;
  • It's actually quite a lot of fun!
Go on, give it a try - visit to set up an account.

Human hair-pieces ... including grey!
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