Friday 27 April 2012

Many Minor Things

Today has brought a fair old wave of genealogy news items. And though there's nothing to blow your socks off, I hope you still find something worthwhile below...

Here's an interesting article about a long overdue burial from the Daily Mail website.

A nice piece about Dr Barnardo's 'Shilling Baby' can be found here.

US Blogger, Randy Seaver, has compiled an Ancestry/ 'comment compendium' for those of you who are following the takeover story from the States.

A couple of items from the Irish Genealogy News blog:

The HistoryToday website has a 'History Around the Web' round-up (check out the Mary Beard piece!).

Michael J Leclerc neatly summarises recent developments re. the changes to Ancestry's Terms of Service.

Blogger John D Reid mentions a recent addition to the FamilySearch website concerning Glamorgan PRs.

Many of you may be considering starting a genealogy blog - if so, you may wish to follow Nicola Elsom's advice.

This may interest a select few of you: a post on TNA's blog about the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives.

The BBC's HistoryExtra website has the following on offer:

And there's much, much more available via the BI-Gen Twitter feed (you don't have to 'follow' me to view this, but it'd be great if you could!).

Today's oddity has absolutely nothing to do with genealogy, other than the fact that the item below appeared on a family history website (MyHeritage). Check out the splendid video - the last film clip on the same is almost unbelievable.

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