Thursday 8 March 2012

RootsTech Lectures Now Online

The genealogical get-together that was RootsTech which took place in the States last month has now placed many of it's talks and lectures online. A great selection of presentations can be enjoyed here. Hours of fun! (not sure about the spotty background, though...).

The latest issue of the always-excellent Lost Cousins newsletter is now available.

Blogger Dick Eastman has flagged a handy resource for military records, namely, the 'Forces War Records' website - see his post here.

Another really useful spot on the Internet is 'Family History Books', being FamilySearch's online book store. It amounts to an e-library of scanned material from the genealogical world. (Thanks again to Dick Eastman for this one - brilliant!).

Scots will be very interested to read the blog entry from Chris Paton's British GENES website concerning the planned 'Homecoming Scotland 2014' celebrations.

And Chris also reports on an piece of news from the world of DNA testing which is of great interest to us genealogists.

I haven't forgotten that today is International Women's Day! The official website can be found here - and of the many special posts and articles around the Internet I quite like two pieces published by the HistoryToday website on '10 Essential History Books Written by Women' and a collection of special articles (with an example of a wonderful misprint in the first paragraph!). There is also a neat post on the Family Tree website regarding the occasion.

The HistoryToday website also has a history podcast available. And talking of podcasts, here's one from TNA on the subject of 'Our Ancestors and the Fear of the Victorian Workhouse'.

Here are a few TV programmes for the coming week.

From Twitter:

Embarrassing ailments have always attracted plenty of 'cures', as detailed in the following post form 'The Quack Doctor' blog...

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