Saturday 3 March 2012

All Quiet on the Genealogical Front

It's all gone quiet. Well, there are a few bits to report on...

Reacquaint yourself with what The National Archives have to offer with 'Where Do I Start My Research' from TNA's blog.

Dick Eastman reports on an announcement from the Mormon Church regarding the practice of 'baptising the dead'. Always an interesting topic this one!

The latest issue of Your Family Tree Magazine came out a few days ago, and their website combines the announcement with some forthcoming Titanic bits and pieces - see here.

Want to know the state of Ancestry's coverage of the 1911 Census of England/Wales? Follow John D Reid's post on the topic, here.

FMP Ireland have released the Raphoe Marriage Licence Bonds.

Here's a couple of 'history round-ups':

There's also a history podcast from the Beeb here (Elizabethan England, and Britain's toughest military opponents). And there's a look at Wales' search for a history.

And TNA has another podcast - on the subject of 'Tithe Tales' - to be found here.

Marriage: At Dalbhradden, Kintyre, on the 16th November 1847, by Rev.James Lambie, Southend, James Brown, farmer, Dalbhradden. Mr Brown was 86 years of age and had been married three times, and the father of 16 children; he could also boast of being a grandfather to 10 children and one child claimed him as a great-grandfather. His blooming bride had not yet completed her 18th year.

Montrose Standard, 10th Dec.1847
(Thanks to William Cross of London)

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