Wednesday 14 March 2012

Libraries Rally, SoG, etc.

Reports are beginning to trickle through regarding yesterday's SpeakUpForLibraries rally/lobby. One of the most prominent can be found here.

A quarter of a million new entries have been added to the SoGs' data online - click here for news of this major development as reported by Else Churchill.

The National Archives' latest newsletter is now available - click here. Several interesting items to take note of, including an appeal for volunteers for a new project, and a chance to take part in a survey. Oh, and there's also an interesting post about how TNA operate, here.

A report on the WWI memorabilia get-together at Preston is now online.

Dick Eastman brings us news of the ultimate 'sign of the times' story, as Encyclopedia Britannica ceases production of its 'hard copy' version.

The April issue of HistoryToday Magazine is now available.

There's a list of notable online articles, etc., from the past week at the Two Nerdy History Girls blog.

Finally, I must give a special mention to a relatively new blog entitled The Genealogy Workshop. Nicola Elsom is the individual who runs the same, and you may wish to consider adding it to your 'blog-roll' (or whatever they call it). Take a look at her most recent post on death certificates, and have a browse of her website if you have time.

From Twitter:

Epitaph of eminent barrister, Sir John Strange (died 1754):

Here lies an honest lawyer -
that is STRANGE.

(Rolls Chapel, London)

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